Professional Paralegal & Research Services


Fountain Pen on Old Looking LetterLegal Work:

“Kim’s attention to detail and willingness to dig into legal issues is unmatched.  She is a talented researcher and writer who’s work I would recommend to anyone.”  Elizabeth M. Porter, Atty.

“I have worked with Kim Millman for many years. She is the consummate professional. She has completed numerous research projects for me on a variety of topics. Her work product is clear, concise and accurate. It is always delivered in a timely fashion. What more could a person ask for?”
– Cal Branton, Atty.

“I have worked with Kim on various projects over the last 20 years. She has consistently been reliable, knowledgeable, and produces work of the highest quality.” – Susan Ford Bedor, Atty.

“Kim is great at making her attorneys look good.”  Atty.

“The quality of her work is top notch. I am almost always able to include Kim’s work product verbatim in my response to our business clients.”  Atty.


Political Work:

“I had the honor to have Kim Millman support me when I ran for Governor in 2010. Kim was a great supporter with some wonderful public relations ideas. She came up with the idea to have huge flags (which I might add she designed and sewed herself) with my logo on them being waved by supporters as I walked to the podium to deliver my speech. It rocked the convention. And while I didn’t recieve the endorsement, I must say we had the most unique and well organized campaign both on the campaign trail and at the State Convention.  I would recommend Ms Millman to anyone who needs legal or political advice.”  Minnesota Representative Tom Rukavina

Legal Work:

 “She understands our business and had touched on so many topics over the years that she is a wealth of information.”  Atty.

“No matter how complex the issue, Kim is able to analyze the question and…find the necessary information.”  Atty.

“…it’s always a pleasure working with Kim on legal research projects. And she doesn’t just leave it at that. She always takes the time to analyze questions and propose solutions – which are generally right on point. And beyond research, I often discuss issues with Kim just to get her opinion and thoughts – because her bank of knowledge is a fantastic source to draw upon.”  Atty.

“Kim’s critical thinking skills are very solid. She’s been doing this a lot of years and has built up a considerable bank of experience and expertise…”  Atty.

“One of Kim’s strongest points is her ability to quickly understand an issue, apply her wealth of knowledge to it, locate and analyze the applicable law, and come to a logical conclusion.”  Atty.

“I have asked for her opinion on issues involving construction, Indian tribes, governments, agents, and general insurance. I am amazed that she always knows something helpful about every issue.”  Atty.

“She…works effectively with our clients, and manages to find key people at regulatory offices and wrangle answers out of them.”  Atty.

“Kim is extremely detailed and she does an excellent job of not only answering the specific question posed to her, but she also identifies related issues that may be relevant.”  Atty.

“Kim is very proactive in putting her superior research and analytical skills to work in tackling any issue. Her substantive background on most legal issues gives her a leg up on just about every project.”  Atty.

“Kim’s written communication skills are also very impressive; her memos describe her research, analysis and conclusions in great detail and right to the point.”  Atty.

“Kim is always willing to take on any project and deals well with the short time frames we often need to work with. Kim has developed an excellent base of knowledge in the insurance industry – which I consult on a regular basis. Of course her technical research skills are excellent and she can seem to find anything – no matter how obscure. Her work product is thorough and complete, and her analysis is very professional.”  Atty.

Kim is a very quick study and has the ability to find the relevant information even when she is working on new topics or areas of business.”  Atty.

[Our client] “was extremely impressed with her professionalism, abilities and demeanor. …she came up with a number of ideas and approaches that others, including the client, had not considered.”  Atty.

She always meets deadlines, without exception.”  Atty.

“Kim has never missed a deadline and she consistently responds to my requests faster than I need or request. I have never had to follow up with her on the status of my projects.”  Atty.

“She is prompt, thorough and accurate.”  Atty.

“She is intimately familiar with all of the legal research tools at her disposal and she does an excellent job of using the most cost effective tool to get the necessary information. Kim is arguably the best researcher we have.”   Atty.

“She is a good writer and even better when discussing issues and questions orally. Kim is very articulate in responding to requests and she is not afraid to add her opinions as necessary.”  Atty.

“Kim’s professionalism in conduct with others and delivery of services to clients is very high. Her attorneys do not hesitate to invite Kim to client meetings as she contributes appropriately, effectively and professionally. In fact, Kim will often get an idea of the basic question and come to the meeting with some background research already completed so that we can discuss the matter more thoroughly.”  Atty.

“Kim does such good work, it’s often easy to forget that she is not an attorney.”  Atty.